Three Things to Address Holiday Parenting Time Disputes

If you are a single parent, or if you have been recently separated from your ex, dealing with parenting time issues can be emotionally taxing. It may be especially difficult to deal with an intractable parent during holiday weeks. With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be facing another difficult situation. However, there are ways to address the problem.

Most frustrated parents will want to resort to court intervention. However, family courts follow a holiday schedule as well, so it may not be likely that you will get a court date in time to address problems before turkey day on Thursday. With that said, there are a few things that parents who are denied parenting should do.

Review your order – It is important to review the provisions of your order that deal with the parenting time schedule, as well as the requirements that must be satisfied before going back to court. Chances are that you may have to go through mediation or consult a parenting time expeditor before filing a motion.

Get a court order – For some people, especially single, unmarried fathers, they may not have legally recognized parenting time rights since they have not petitioned the court for such rights. As a matter of law, unmarried mothers are granted sole legal and physical custody of a minor child until a court issues an order granting it.

Document your experiences – It is also critical to keep a written account of your requests for parenting time, and the responses to each. These details will be important in an Affidavit that will accompany your motion.