What Can I Do About Parenting Time Disputes During the Holidays?

It may be hard to believe given the weather, but Thanksgiving is next week (even though it feels like January). At this time of year, divorced and separated parents may have difficult decisions to make regarding time with their children. After all, the holidays are a time for family; but when parents break up, one parent may feel as if their family takes precedence over the other person’s family.

Indeed, children cannot be in two places at once, so when disputes arise legal intervention may be necessary. However, getting into court may be easier said than done. After all, family court judges’ schedules during the holidays (especially during the week of Christmas and New Year’s) may be curtailed.

With that said, there may be other ways to avoid parenting time disputes and to resolve such disputes. One way to avoid conflict is to plan early. By discussing your plans in advance, there may be a way for parents to accommodate each other’s wishes and make sure that the kids spend time with each party’s extended family.

For those who are embroiled in a dispute, securing the services of a mediator or parenting time consultant to map out a plan for the holiday season; especially the weeks given for school holidays. Not only is this form of resolution quicker and cheaper, but it can also set the expectations for the holiday season for years to come.

Whatever your choice may be, time is definitely of the essence, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

The preceding is not legal advice.