Why You Should Be Careful With Social Media in Custody Disputes

Custody and parenting time disputes are notoriously difficult. The emotions that come out may manifest themselves in bitter arguments and rages between parents. But more importantly, the battles between parents can be waged over social media for everyone to see (even the children). Because of this, it is imperative for parents in these battles to take some time to think about the implications of working with each other over social media.

You can’t take back what you say – When you hit “send” after your Twitter or Facebook rant, you can’t take back what you send; even if you wanted to. This is because posts and statements incorporated on social media sites are permanent records. So if you took down the page of deleted the statement, it can still be discovered.

Kids can (and will) be affected – If your kids are toddlers, they probably will not notice; but older children who are savvy with social media will probably find out about your battles from other kids (and their parents). If you think your kids are embarrassed by you now, wait until you unleash your fury on social media.

Family court judges may not be pleased – A judge expects a certain level of decorum and civility between parents, regardless of how they may feel about each other. Essentially, judges want warring parents to put their differences aside for the benefit of their children. When one parent (or both) fail to do this, it could affect the court’s judgment regarding whether they are able to co-parent.

If you have questions about what to, and what not to do about social media, an experienced attorney can help.