Celebrity Divorces Highlight Unique High Asset Divorce Challenges

The divorce process can be difficult and frustrating for anyone, whether the divorcing couple has a significant marital property to divide or a smaller amount of assets. Many Virginia spouses must also take child custody and child support into consideration. High asset divorce issues tend to be particularly complex. The factors a wealthy or high-profile couple often contend with include such issues as business assets, real estate, retirement pensions, and savings accounts.

There never seems to be a shortage of high-profile divorces in the headlines. Whether the couples in question are celebrities, politicians, or business executives, their disputes can give others an insight into the challenges one might face in a high asset divorce.

Recently, rock stars Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their split to the media. The couple is getting a divorce after almost 13 years of marriage. Both of them are seeking joint custody of their three boys. They have also issued a statement saying they are committed to raising their children as best they can despite their differences. It may also be expected that Ms. Stefani and Mr. Rossdale will have significant assets accrued during the course of their careers to sort out.

Most people will not experience the type of divorce that Hollywood couples go through. However, high profile divorces may still come with unique challenges, including a lack of privacy and the other spouse being ready to fight hard in court. These types of divorce may necessitate a family law attorney with experience in high asset cases.

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