Minimizing Conflict and Confusion When Blending a Family

After you’ve been through a divorce, you will no doubt hope for a better outcome with a subsequent marriage. At Family Law Group, we understand the concerns that often affect Virginia families when divorced parents remarry. Blending a family can be an exciting and promising time in your life, but it may not be easy for children to accept at first.

Just as you likely experienced during your divorce, remarriage may be confusing and upsetting for children, states HelpGuide. It’s important to reassure children that they don’t have to choose sides between you, their other parent, and the new step-parent.

You can expect some resistance from the children for a while after remarrying. They’ll need to get used to a new household dynamic and new routines and traditions, especially if they also have new step-siblings. It may be a good idea to establish parenting rules and expectations with your new spouse before exchanging vows. Take some time in the months before the wedding to engage in real-life family situations with the children, such as having dinners at home and attending school functions together. This can help everyone get accustomed to everyday life with each other, as well as give you an idea of potential conflict.

During this time, be sure to treat your ex-spouse with respect and consideration. This may help the children understand that their other parent is not being replaced and ease this transition for everyone involved. Learn more about child custody and parenting matters by visiting our page.