What May Happen When Couples Fight About Money?

If you’re considering a divorce in Virginia, you’re probably well aware by now that there are many reasons couples argue. From issues involving the children to where you want to go on your next vacation, all these little squabbles can add up. However, at least one study suggests that financial arguments are one of the main deal-breakers in many marriages.

In a study that Family Relations Journal published, it was found that fights over finances, especially those that occurred in the early days of marriage, increased the chances of a couple ultimately getting a divorce. The study’s findings were consistent across all income brackets and whether or not couples had any debt.

In today’s uncertain financial times, you will have no shortage of things to argue about when it comes to money. For instance, you may want to put aside savings for retirement, but your spouse prefers to spend the household’s extra income. You both may struggle with debt, which can put a great strain on your marriage. Another source of stress is not making enough money to pay the bills each month, especially if one or both of you are dealing with unemployment.

Researchers in the study also suggested that financial arguments could be a front for subtler issues affecting your marriage, such as a power struggle or whether or not both of you trust each other. For whatever reason, it is possible for financial arguments to permanently damage a relationship until the divorce is the only option. The content in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a lawyer.