Unlocking Some Myths About Divorce

For those of our readers who are new to this blog, you have probably been warned about the issues that can come about during a divorce. Chances are that you have been told about horror stories about divorces that go on forever, as well as those that cost tens of thousands of dollars. And this is before the emotional injuries that you ostensibly will endure.

Indeed, most of these are myths, and myths are made to be debunked. As such, we offer this post to help you get past them as you prepare to divorce.

Divorce is very expensive – Before you get your financial war chest together, keep in mind that there are ways to reduce the costs and expense of a split. Mediation and collaborative methods are cheaper than litigation and can help you reach a resolution in less time.

An unreasonable spouse can prolong a divorce – Indeed, there is some truth to this, but a belligerent spouse will not endear themselves to a family court judge. After all, judges want to keep things moving, so a spouse who does not want to participate in mediation (even after being ordered to do so) could find themselves in a difficult position.

You must get permission to divorce – Fans of soap operas may believe that the other spouse has to grant a divorce before the other spouse can move on. Once again, this is a myth. The only person that actually “grants” divorce is the judge. This means that once a spouse files for divorce, the other spouse cannot stop the proceedings.