How Recent Divorcees Can Make 2015 Great

For many new divorcees, the holiday season was either a boost of emotion and self-esteem or a complete emotional drain. For those who pulled through fine, having family and friends around to help in avoiding the doldrums was likely key. But after New Year’s visitors leave, decorations are taken down, and normal (dull, depressing) life starts again.

If 2015 is the first full year after your divorce, it doesn’t have to be a series of depressing reminders of years wasted in a relationship that no longer exists. Instead, it can be the beginning of a new, passionate life where you fulfill what you want to be. Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution to do just that. In case you haven’t this post will identify a few helpful things to make it so.

Enjoy the here and now – We know, it is cliché to say “take time to smell the roses” especially when no roses are blooming at this time of year, but they will be eventually, and it is worth it to take time to enjoy the new freedoms and opportunities you will have with your new life.

Put the kids first – It is also helpful to put negative feelings about your ex aside and focus on establishing a good co-parenting relationship for the sake of the kids. You certainly don’t have to be BFF’s with him or her, but the positive effect on the kids of both of you being there is immeasurable.

In our next post, we will highlight some additional tips to help make 2015 the best.