Preparing for an Interview With a Divorce Attorney

In our first post of the New Year, we reminded our readers of how important it would be to build on a Christmas truce; especially for those couples who were still married and were merely considering divorce. As January rolls along, it is possible that the holiday truce may break down, and it may be time to really think about divorce.

When this occurs, chances are that you will receive a great deal of unsolicited advice. Those who know and care for you will offer their opinions on what you should get from your soon-to-be ex, how you should negotiate child custody and parenting time issues, and how you should inform the kids.

Nevertheless, you still will have to interview attorneys, and this may not be an easy process. To help, we offer the following post on what to do to prepare for an initial interview.

Research the lawyer – With many attorneys having online profiles and prior client comments, it may be worth taking some time to learn about the person who is going to take your case.

Keep your emotions in check – Indeed, divorce is an emotional experience. But with good friends around and family to support you, it may be easier to keep things in perspective. Having an even keel is important in making sure that you are able to focus on the big picture.

Be ready to be educated – Chances are that you are unfamiliar with the divorce process, so it is possible that the attorney may take some time to explain the law before explaining your rights and options.