Should I Turn to Mediation to Resolve My Custody Dispute?

If you are in the midst of child custody or parenting time dispute, chances are that you have been given (or are about to receive) a great deal of advice regarding what you are entitled to or how the court may view you (as a man or a woman) and whether you should fight for your rights based on these impressions. Unfortunately, these preconceived notions are what fuel many people’s emotional stances and may lead to the building of emotional walls.

But in the course of resolving these types of disputes, family court judges may not hear a motion without proof that the parties have at least tried to address their issues outside of court. You may find out that you may not get back into court without going before a mediator. Some people may feel as if mediation is a waste of time, but there are several benefits to the process. This post will highlight a few.

A non-adversarial approach – As we alluded to earlier, many warring parents have built up emotional walls. A non-adversarial approach can help them see the benefits of working together for the benefit of their child.

A quicker solution – Mediation often goes much faster than a traditional court proceeding. Essentially, an agreement can be forged in one mediation session, whereas parties could wait months before a custody trial is held.

Cheaper than litigation – The costs of child custody litigation is often a barrier to most people. Mediation could cost a fraction of what is spent on a full-blown custody trial.