Man Stalks Ex-Wife Using Identity Theft Protection Company

Most Virginia residents with significant marital assets face daunting challenges during their divorce. Some challenges may continue to haunt them long after the divorce paperwork is signed. This may be the case if an ex-spouse is controlling, vindictive, or unable to let go of the relationship despite the marriage has ended. If an ex is cunning enough, he or she might be able to wreak havoc on the other person’s financial interests.

This appeared to be the case for one woman, who recently found out her ex-husband had access to her financial records and other sensitive information. During a visit to his father’s home, the woman’s son found a document on a computer that contained a great deal of the woman’s financial details, including her credit and bank accounts, financial activity, passwords, and security question answers. The woman discovered that her ex was paying for an account with LifeLock, an identity theft protection company. The company had allegedly been sending the man information on his ex-wife, so he had knowledge of all her financial activity. He could also access her credit reports and potentially deny any of her major financial decisions.

The woman alerted law enforcement, contacted LifeLock, and got a protection order prohibiting her ex-husband from accessing and using her financial information. However, the company was slow to respond to law enforcement’s requests for documents until the media was alerted. LifeLock officials have since apologized to the woman, provided the information to the police, and offered to pay her legal fees. This case illustrates how it may be frighteningly easy for an ex-spouse to stalk and victimize the other person financially.

Source: Democrat & Chronicle, “LifeLock used to secretly track ex-wife’s financial moves,” Robert Anglen, Nov. 24, 2015