Custody Dispute Settled With Chris Brown’s Daughter

Custody matters are often heated during a divorce or separation. The recent case involving the 1-year-old daughter of musician Chris Brown shows that child custody disputes are not always specifically about physical custody. The court may also have to consider specific visitation requests, child support modifications, and additional costs involved with raising a child. Custody battles may be stressful for parents in Virginia, but the end result is often worth the struggle.

According to reports, the mother of Chris Brown’s little girl had numerous concerns for the court in her custody battle. She asked that the baby’s father only be allowed supervised visits, claiming that he and his entourage were known to have substance abuse problems. Mr. Brown took a drug test during the hearing, which came back positive for codeine and marijuana. However, since he has a prescription for both substances, the mother dropped her supervised visitation request.

Mr. Brown agreed to share joint custody of his daughter for 12 days out of every month. He will pay $15,000 he owes in back child support, in addition to $2,500 a month. He is also responsible to provide the funds for his daughter’s health insurance, education, and a nanny. In a statement, Mr. Brown said he was satisfied with the results.

Visitation rights may be an emotional and difficult issue for parents. However, it may be in the child’s best interests to avoid conflict and come up with a parenting plan that allows both parents to spend time actively parenting the child.

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