Agreeing on Parenting Arrangements During the School Year

With the start of a new school year in Virginia, many divorced parents may wonder about the best ways to divide their visitation time so it serves the best interests of the child. This can be true for newly divorced parents as well as those who have shared joint custody for years. The attorneys at Family Law Group, understand the challenges you may face as a single parent when both you and your ex-spouse divide parenting time throughout the school year.

How can you and your ex both get quality time with your children when you have other demands, such as work, extracurricular activities, and child care issues? These matters may become more difficult as your children get older and have more activities outside the home, as well as want to spend more time with their friends.

According to, there are numerous ways you and your ex can make your shared parenting arrangements easier on everyone during the school year. Some helpful tips may include the following:

  • Throughout the school year, consider factors like your child’s age, after-school commitments, and your work schedule to determine an arrangement that works for both you and the other parent.
  • Be willing to compromise with your ex and try to respectfully agree on parenting decisions.
  • Listen to the feelings and requests of your children and make efforts to let them know that their opinions are also important.

It may not always be easy to adapt and change your parenting schedules as your children grow up, but the results are often well worth the effort. To learn more about the parenting issues you may face after your divorce, click here to visit our page on child custody.