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October 2016 Archives

How can I help my infant or toddler during a divorce?

Virginia parents who get divorced when their children are very young have a unique set of issues to be concerned about. While older kids can articulate their feelings or fears about a divorce and may even visibly act out, the effects of a divorce on babies or toddlers may be less apparent. However, that does not mean that the effect is actually any less.

Tips for grandparents raising grandkids

Most Virginia residents are excited about the potential of becoming grandparents. They often hold dreams of loving and even spoiling a little bit their new loves without the burden of the full parenting responsibilities that they carried when they had their own children. However, many grandparents end up needing to step in as parents. This may be due to parental death, illness, legal challenges or other reasons.

Can an app help me coparent with my ex?

Virginia parents who must continue to work closely with a former spouse to raise their joint children know just how hard this can be. If you find yourself struggling to maintain polite relations or to avoid miscommunications, what are your options? You know that keeping your cool is good for you and your kids but it is not always easy. This is where technology can be your best friend.

Putting kids first is important lesson of celebrity divorce

It might be all but impossible for anyone in Virginia or the rest of the country to be unaware of the fact that two of Hollywood's biggest celebrity's have recently entered into the process of a major divorce. Once the gossip magazine headlines are pushed to the side, it can actually be beneficial for non-celebrity couples to actually take a moment and learn a few things from this highly publicized and seemingly like-no-other divorce. The fact of the matter is that even a celebrity divorce can be very much like any other couple's divorce.

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