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Children of same-sex parents are fine, studies say

The past couple of years have been exciting for same-sex couples in Virginia and elsewhere. Same-sex marriage was legalized in every state. Equalizing divorce and child custody rights followed suit. At Donna Dougherty Law P.C., we understand that laws and opinions are still evolving regarding same-sex marriage and divorce, since this is such a new area. If you are part of a same-sex couple, you might be faced with biases regarding how your children are developing emotionally.

Recent studies have suggested that the children of same-sex parents do not have as many emotional difficulties as some people claim. The most common statement you might have heard is that children need both a father and a mother for optimum emotional development. However, according to CNN, children who have two mothers or two fathers are just as likely to be as happy and well-adjusted as those with heterosexual parents.

The results of a study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics claims that stress is a significant factor affecting children’s emotional well-being. As a same-sex couple, you might have a higher level of stress if you regularly deal with biases against your family structure, or if you and your partner are not getting along. However, stress is a normal part of life. If you are able to manage it in a healthy way, your children stand a better chance of growing up emotionally stable. The same types of challenges are faced in families with both a mother and a father, or in single-parent households. You may learn more about family law matters faced by same-sex parents by visiting our page on the topic.

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