How Can Grandparents Help Kids During a Divorce?

The joys of being a grandparent are often heralded as unlike any other by many Virginia residents. If you are among those parents who also have the privilege of having grandchildren, you can attest to this. The ability to have fun without the level of responsibility you once had as a parent can go a long way toward creating a very special grandparent-grandchild bond. But, what can or should you do when your adult child is getting divorced? What is your role as a grandparent at this time?

While the answers to those questions can vary somewhat based upon the circumstances, the Huffington Post explains that by and large, you can provide a stable element in your grandchildren’s lives. Among the many things that can make a parental divorce hard for kids is the mere fact that so much of their lives are changing around them. Add to that the fact that kids have little to no power over any of the changes and it is easy to understand why this can be a stressful experience for them.

When spending time with your grandchildren, you may learn about some of their fears or concerns. These may be things you wish to share with your adult child. If you do this, be sure that you approach the conversation carefully so as to provide input in a helpful rather than judgmental way. Also, be sure to never criticize your adult child or the other parent to your grandchildren.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about how grandparents may be able to help their grandchildren through a parental divorce in Virginia.