Avoiding an Invasion of Privacy in a Divorce

No divorce is ever completely private if others have something to talk about. For instance, celebrities and high-profile political and business figures often find that their worst divorce details are discussed at length by the public. Is there any way that divorcing couples in Virginia can avoid having their disputes aired out by people who have no business with the information?

Unfortunately, many divorce details are able to be accessed publicly. For example, the results of a litigated divorce are usually made public records after the divorce is finalized. There are some ways to keep private information away from the curious eyes and ears of strangers, however.

Being careful with social media – Complaining about a messy divorce on Facebook or Twitter is one of the most common ways that people can get the information they are not entitled to. It is human nature to reach out to others during a difficult time, but it is also important to realize that things said in public cannot be taken back. Information that is shared privately, such as via email, may also be used later to spread rumors or gossip or even be held against a spouse in court.

Seeking a confidential settlement agreement – A confidential settlement seals the information regarding a court dispute away from the public’s view, rather than making the information a matter of public record.

Considering mediation – According to the American Bar Association, the mediation process is private. Divorcing couples resolve their disputes during sessions with a mediator, rather than through a public court setting.

High asset divorces may be hotly contested and are often a matter of public curiosity. It may be necessary to seek help from an attorney if couples wish to keep their disputes private.