How Do You Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce?

The end of the holidays marks the beginning of one of the most popular times of the year for people to end a marriage. If you’re like many Virginia residents, you may be considering a divorce, but you might not know how to begin. The first step is to tell your spouse of your intentions. If you’re fortunate, he or she might already know the marriage is ending, and may even mutually desire a divorce. More often, however, the other spouse is either unwilling to give up on the marriage or has no idea anything was wrong.

This, according to the Huffington Post, is why it is important to be tactful when asking for a divorce. Even though you may be dealing with difficult emotions, such as resentment, nervousness, and anger, you should consider the impact your words have on your spouse. Instead of demanding a divorce during the heat of an argument, it can be more effective to calmly sit with your spouse and suggest that it may be best if you both part ways. This might soften the blow, as well as make it easier to discuss uncontested divorce options, rather than contentious litigation.

You might also consider your safety when bringing up the topic. If either domestic violence or substance abuse is the reason you want to end the marriage, it might be wiser to have someone else with you when you broach the subject or to talk about it in a public place. You may want to consider seeking a protective order if your safety is a concern.

It is usually difficult to ask for a divorce, but finally doing so may be a relief. This information, however, should not be taken as legal advice.