Why Are Second Marriages Harder?

Many a Virginia resident has weathered a divorce. This is an experience nobody wishes for but one that people can heal from. If you have gotten divorced, you should prepare yourself for the eventuality that you may well start dating, get involved in a committed relationship and, yes, even get married again. But, before you get to this point, it is also important for you to be acutely aware of some of the challenges that you may face in this situation.

Remarriages can get a bad wrap as many reports abound touting the higher divorce rate for second or third marriages as compared to first marriages. While this does not have to guarantee that your new marriage will be part of these statistics, it should make you stop for a moment. Why would this be?

The Huffington Post explains that one reason may well be the sheer increase in the number of people involved in your new marriage. If you and your new spouse both have children already, you’re starting off married with all of the kids and with their other parents as well. Once divorce, when you have kids you will forever be linked to your former spouse – even after you remarry. The additional load of stepchildren and possibly even spousal support payments may put added financial pressure on your new marriage, further contributing to stress in the relationship.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but rather to give an overview of some of the challenges and issues that may face couples in second or subsequent marriages in Virginia.