What Can Be Done to Collect Child Support in Virginia?

If you are a parent in Virginia who is divorced, separated or perhaps were never married to your children’s other parent, you may need to pay or to receive child support. Child support is an important way of providing care for children and ensuring that they receive the essential things they need in life.

Sadly, there are some parents who fail to fulfill their financial obligations to their children. If this happens and you are the custodial parent who is supposed to receive the child support, what can you do? The Virginia Department of Social Services explains that the Division of Child Support Enforcement contributes to efforts t collect unpaid support or to enforce active orders. The agency indicates that more than $2.6 billion in outstanding child support remains owed to more than 370,000 children in the state.

In 2015, the DCSE worked to collect more than $660 million in unpaid support yet the problem continues on, leaving custodial parents left to find ways to make ends meet. In addition to the challenges associated with lack of essential funds, children are at risk of losing out on vital child-parent relationships in their lives. It is for these reasons that the state of Virginia works hard to locate parents who are ordered to provide support and even to help people confirm parentage for their children.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is rather meant to help give Virginia residents an overview of issues related to non-payment of child support and knowledge that help may be available.