Co-Parenting in Virginia

For parents in Virginia who have gotten divorced, learning how to co-parent with a former spouse can be one of the biggest challenges. Being joined by children prevents the adults from ever completely being divorced from each other. Working together collaboratively for the good of children is possible but does require an ongoing level of consciousness to stay on track.

According to Focus on the Family, one of the most important things moms and dads can do is to actively encourage and foster good relationships between their kids and the other parents. This may even include directly telling their kids that it is acceptable to love both parents. In addition to this direct approach, being mindful about not saying negative things about a former spouse in the earshot of the kids is recommended.

The Huffington Post indicates that being able to talk positively about a former spouse to kids is another way of boosting not only child-parent relationships but also co-parenting relationships. Being respectful of agreed-upon schedules can go a long way toward keeping the peace with a former spouse. At the same time, parents should be willing to adjust schedules when situations warrant them. When these courtesies are offered by one spouse, the other may be more likely to do the same in return.

The goal for anyone who must co-parent with a former spouse should be to do those things that will create the most amicable and positive environment for the children involved. Reducing animosity and conflict is a concrete way via which this goal can be achieved.