Can an App Help Me Co-parent With My Ex?

Virginia parents who must continue to work closely with a former spouse to raise their joint children to know just how hard this can be. If you find yourself struggling to maintain polite relations or to avoid miscommunications, what are your options? You know that keeping your cool is good for you and your kids but it is not always easy. This is where technology can be your best friend.

The Online Mom indicates that there are now several apps available designed specifically to help facilitate the co-parenting process. One example is Our Family Wizard. This handy tool gives you access to a calendar and a way of tracking your parenting plan. No longer do you have to refer to a myriad of texts or emails or worry that you deleted that all-important voicemail from your ex.

2Houses also lets you collaborate and see all appointments and events from doctor’s visits to school performances in one place. You and your former spouse can even share a photo album and communicate via the app about your children’s specific needs. Food allergies to colds and more can all be tracked here to help keep you both in the loop about your kids and avoid your kids seeing you two struggle to communicate politely. It also lets you track finances which can be a common source of conflict.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Virginia residents an overview of how they can effectively work together with their former spouses for the good of their kids.