Celebrities Not Immune to Procedure for Child Abuse Allegations

Virginia residents who are concerned about what may happen if they end up in a difficult battle for custody of their children may gain some insight into the experiences of others. While every family is unique and every divorce situation is unique, there are some experiences that may be shared. Certainly, concern for the well-being of children is one. When one person makes accusations of potential abuse by the other parent, specific steps may need to be taken.

This can be seen most recently in the high-profile divorce case of two celebrities who together have six children. While the wife is asserting that her husband physically and verbally abused at least one of the six kids, the husband is now under investigation by authorities. For people who often believe celebrities are held to special standards, this is one instance where the rules are clearly the same for all.

The actor and father recently had to submit to a substance test and reports indicate that he did so voluntarily. The allegations of abuse are said to be related to an event that took place on a plan trip. Because of this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has jurisdiction in the case. It is said also that there are concerns bout the potential use of pot and alcohol.

What ultimately happens in the case of the Hollywood family remains to be seen. In the meantime, however, Virginia residents who are facing a potential divorce and challenging child custody battle may wish to talk to an attorney early on to fully understand what to expect.