Divorce May Follow a Seasonal Trend

Every calendar year is full of different seasons that Virginia residents recognize and are affected by. There are obvious changes in weather patterns that may affect everything from what activities you participate in what clothing you wear. You may even have a favorite type of food for different seasons. Weather aside, there are other things that provide a cadence to life and some of these are things that are not everyday events but that do affect everyday life.

Vacations and holidays are some of the biggest contributors to different seasons of your life every year. Vacations may include the long summer break from school if you have school-aged children or they may simply be a week or two at any time in the year. The holidays associated with the biggest family gatherings all happen in the last six or so weeks of the calendar year. These also contribute to patterns in your life. They may even contribute to a pattern in your marriage and even divorce.

According to Spear, these breaks from routine and everyday life may actually contribute to marital splits. It is during such times that people are unable to hide behind their regular responsibilities, coming face-to-face with issues they have with their spouses. A trend toward more divorce filings in January has even been noted, alluding to this reality.

If you would like to learn more about getting divorced in Virginia and what you may need to do to prepare for or respond to an initiated divorce, please feel free to visit the marital dissolution page of our family law website.