When Is It Time to Sign off Social Media?

Posting on social media may be second nature to you, but when it comes to Virginia divorce proceedings, your online life may come under scrutiny not only by the public but also by the court. This is particularly true for high-profile couples who are already receiving a great deal of media attention.

Social media can certainly make it easier to announce the divorce. Indeed, if you wish, you can notify all of your friends and followers that you and your partner are heading separate directions in a matter of seconds. However, Huffington Post reports that your social media behavior also can have a serious impact on the court’s judgement on everything from spousal support to child custody.

For instance, if you are seeking custody of your children, posting photos that do not portray you as a responsible parent can damage your case. Furthermore, although few people go into detail about their finances on social media, you should be aware of what your posts might say about your financial situation, particularly when compared to the assets you have claimed in court. Posting about pricey purchases, costly vacations or business successes may provide inadvertent evidence of discrepancies in the finances you have reported in the divorce proceedings.

A social media blackout during the divorce may be the simplest strategy for minimizing online complications, but this approach may not be possible or palatable for you. In that case, it is essential that you exercise great caution with respect to what information you post, email, message, or text because these communications may be used as evidence in court.

This information is provided for informational purposes and is not intended as expert legal advice.