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April 2019 Archives

Stay-at-home moms who get divorced

The well-publicized divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos has highlighted the issue of what a Virginia stay-at-home mom should receive in a divorce settlement. In most states, the answer to that question seems fairly obvious because the law requires an equitable distribution of assets. However, only a few states actually distribute assets equally. Even when a woman gives up a promising career to stay at home, it is unlikely that she will receive half of the assets or be granted long-term alimony.

How do we define an unconstitutional 'excessive fine'?

In February, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Eighth Amendment's "excessive fines" clause applies to the states. In other words, both states and the federal government are prohibited from levying excessive fines. It also ruled that civil asset forfeitures in criminal cases are fines for the purpose of the amendment. Therefore, governments in the U.S. cannot engage in excessive asset seizures.

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