Brake Safety Week scheduled for September 15

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that its 2019 Brake Safety Week inspection spree will take place from September 15 to 21, so truckers and other commercial motor vehicle drivers in Virginia will want to ensure that their brakes are up to specs. During that week, officials will be out on the roads across North America to perform brake inspections at random.

Those who pass will have a CVSA decal put on their trucks, but those who are discovered to have violated braking regulations will be issued an out-of-service order. It should be noted that during the 2018 International Roadcheck, 45% of all out-of-service orders involved a brake-related violation.

The 2019 Brake Safety Week will focus on brake hoses and tubing. These are essential components in a functioning braking system, and if they are not properly attached, are not flexible, or have leaks in them, they will only raise the risk for an accident. In the 14 jurisdictions that use performance-based brake testers, these tools will determine a truck’s braking efficiency. Minimum efficiency must be 43.5% for CMVs over 10,000 pounds.

Law enforcement officials will be reaching out to drivers, motor carriers, owner-operators, and mechanics, too. This is all a part of raising awareness when it comes to the importance of regular brake maintenance.

Truckers have a responsibility to maintain their trucks, and if their negligence contributes to a collision with another driver, that driver may have good grounds for a personal injury case. In Virginia, plaintiffs can only recover damages if the defendant is 100% at fault, so victims may want to see a lawyer ensure a strong case. The lawyer may hire investigators to show just how the brakes or other truck components were poorly maintained before heading off to negotiations.