High Safety Ratings Do Not Necessarily Mean Fewer Accidents

Virginia residents who wish to avoid auto accidents often choose vehicles based upon their safety rating. In most cases, automobiles with higher safety ratings are statistically less likely to become involved in an accident. One exception to that rule is the Subaru Crosstrek, which has been given the highest possible safety rating yet is still involved in more accidents than any other vehicle on the road today.

In compiling these statistics, researchers looked at data from Insurify, a company that provides automobile insurance comparisons. They gathered data about recent accidents from consumers who visited the website seeking a quote. In doing so, researchers found that more than 25% of all Crosstreks were involved in accidents. In comparison, all other models combined have an average accident rate of 13.64%.

Just because the Crosstrek is involved in more accidents does not mean it isn’t safer than other vehicles. Crosstrek drivers and their passengers tend to suffer fewer injuries after an accident, largely due to the safety features of this automobile. Those who do experience a collision may nonetheless fare better than they would if they were operating any other model.

Automobile accidents are disheartening even when they are very minor. Those not fortunate enough to avoid injury may incur physical pain, mental and emotional trauma, and lost wages. Insurance companies may also refuse to pay, thereby increasing a victim’s pain and suffering.

Fighting with an insurance company is something many people leave to a personal injury attorney. Individuals who are considering legal action may especially benefit from the knowledge and skill that a reputable personal injury attorney may bring when negotiating for a settlement after a car accident.