The Role of the Juvenile Defense Attorney

A juvenile involved in the legal system is a stressor for the entire family. You may wonder how this will affect them now and in the future. You may feel that you let them down as a parent. Recognizing the severity of these situations is good and can empower you to find a strong advocate for your child.

Adding an attorney who specializes in juvenile cases can help your family shoulder the burden.

Harvard University published a guide to juvenile defense in January 2019. The guide included a breakdown of the important role the juvenile defense attorneys play in these cases. Here are a few examples:

  • Provide answers in a time of questions. You’re going to have questions about the different steps of the process. An attorney can answer your unique questions which can provide peace of mind.
  • Fight for your family. Wanting what’s best for your child is what most parents have in common. Yet, not every parent shares a deep understanding of the law. A juvenile defense attorney can balance their knowledge of the law and your family’s desires so that they can offer alternative resolutions and fight for accurate decision making in your child’s case.
  • Place their client first. A juvenile defense attorney not only counsels your family in the courtroom but must manage emotions and people outside of the courtroom. They also must ensure their clients are active participants in their case.

You don’t have to go it alone

The law entitles you to representation if your child finds themselves in the juvenile court system. A juvenile defense attorney is there to prevent the case from affecting your child as an adult as much as possible and fight for the best interest of your family.