When a Loved One Dies During Divorce

There are countless challenges that can complicate one’s divorce, from stress and uncertainty over certain aspects of family law to problems involving their children (such as emotional outbursts and issues at school). However, some people have a particularly tough time during the end of their marriage, such as those who also have to work through the loss of someone they love. Whether their ex passes away during the divorce or one of their parents, children or another family member dies, this often amplifies the emotional stressors that people have to face amid their divorce.

If you have lost someone who was very close, it is imperative to prevent the emotional pain you are experiencing from interfering with your divorce. For many, this is incredibly difficult (if not impossible, in some instances), but the way in which a divorce is handled can impact all parties involved for the rest of their lives. For example, custody decisions, the division of marital property and financial commitments such as child support and alimony can have lasting effects on one’s finances and emotional well-being.

Losing a family member is often very tough at any time, but when other stressors are in the picture (such as a divorce), the loss is usually even more overwhelming. Those who are in the early stages of filing for divorce, as well as those who are well into the process, should try to separate these issues and make sure that their interests are protected with respect to various family law topics. After all, an unfavorable outcome in divorce court can complicate one’s life further.