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Child Custody Archives

How do the Hague Convention and the UCCJEA compare?

Matters of custody across international borders can be extremely complicated, but parents both in and outside of the United States have several legal recourses. If you are a Virginia parent seeking enforcement of custody orders in a case involving an international party, here are some factors to consider.

What should you say when breaking the news?

At the outset of the divorce process, it is your responsibility as a Virginia parent to inform your child of the separation in a compassionate, understanding manner. How you present the news will have a powerful influence on how your child responds to the impending change. Here are a few tips for what you should and should not do while telling your child that his or her parents can no longer continue living together.

Custody Determination and Children's Best Interests

When parents are going through a divorce and cannot come to a workable agreement about childcare, Virginia courts are often required to step in. There are a number of considerations involved in determining which parent should become the primary caretaker and how visitations should be scheduled.

Custody modification: A two-way street

In an ongoing custody battle, the stakes are high for both parents, and the struggle can be bitter. Fortunately for Virginia residents, custody decisions are not set in stone, and parents can petition the court for changes to support, visitation and other childcare requirements. 

How can I help my infant or toddler during a divorce?

Virginia parents who get divorced when their children are very young have a unique set of issues to be concerned about. While older kids can articulate their feelings or fears about a divorce and may even visibly act out, the effects of a divorce on babies or toddlers may be less apparent. However, that does not mean that the effect is actually any less.

Can an app help me coparent with my ex?

Virginia parents who must continue to work closely with a former spouse to raise their joint children know just how hard this can be. If you find yourself struggling to maintain polite relations or to avoid miscommunications, what are your options? You know that keeping your cool is good for you and your kids but it is not always easy. This is where technology can be your best friend.

Celebrities not immune to procedure for child abuse allegations

Virginia residents who are concerned about what may happen if they end up in a difficult battle for custody of their children may gain some insight into the experiences of others. While every family is unique and every divorce situation is unique, there are some experiences that may be shared. Certainly, concern for the well-being of children is one. When one person makes accusations of potential abuse by the other parent, specific steps may need to be taken.

IRS dependency exemption for divorced parents

Federal law governs the tax filing status of all Virginia residents, and each status is subject to a specific tax bracket. Filing status also defines eligible credits, deductions and provisions, and ultimately determines a taxpayer’s overall liability.

Why are second marriages harder?

Many a Virginia resident has weathered a divorce. This is an experience nobody wishes for but one that people can heal from. If you have gotten divorced, you should prepare yourself for the eventuality that you may well start dating, get involved in a committed relationship and, yes, even get married again. But, before you get to this point, it is also important for you to be acutely aware of some of the challenges that you may face in this situation.

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