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Family Law Attorneys Serving Northern Virginia

Any problem involving family relationships, your children’s future, your own long-term well-being or all of these can make decision-making extremely difficult. At Dougherty Tobias Iszard, Northern Virginia Law, P.C., we get to know all our clients personally and work diligently to understand what matters most to them, in order to ease their burdens and achieve outcomes that enable them to move forward with stability and confidence.

If you are considering or facing divorce, or you must confront any other important family law concern, our attorneys will address your situation with genuine care and compassion. There are no quick, easy answers when your future is on the line. That is why we are so deeply committed to offering thorough analysis of all family dynamics, backed by proven ability to litigate and win in Northern Virginia courts when necessary.

Attentive Counsel And Creative Solutions Are Hallmarks Of Our Law Practice

We focus exclusively on achieving positive resolution for critical family law issues for people across a wide range of cultural spectrum. Our legal team’s knowledge and capabilities cover:

Divorce: We provide comprehensive divorce representation. We can explore the options that are best suited to helping you resolve your issues, including negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Child custody and visitation: We can help you identify your most important parenting goals and help you determine the path that can best help you achieve those goals.

Child support determinations: We can provide you with clear explanations of Virginia child support guidelines and defend your interests when deviations are proposed. We also pride ourselves on the skilled pursuit of justified modifications and enforcement actions.

Property division and spousal support: We provide financially savvy, determined representation for our clients in all areas of property distribution and spousal support.

Same-sex and unmarried couples: We provide informed, reliable counsel on the unique considerations that apply to both same-sex and heterosexual unmarried couples. From the formation of contracts governing property division should the relationship end to matters involving legal separation, we are here for you.

Post-divorce modifications: When you or your ex has experienced a material change in life’s circumstances, it may be necessary to modify the terms of your custody, visitation and/or support decrees. Whether you are seeking a modification or your ex has requested a change, we can help you protect your interests.

Enforcing court orders: When someone fails to provide support, violates the terms of a custody agreement or disregards an order for property division, we can help to hold them accountable by pursuing an enforcement action.

“The most critical skill any advocate or counselor can have is the ability to listen, to understand, and to support the client. In a situation as full of emotion as a family separation or divorce, it is even more critical. Donna has this skill in abundance.” — M.A. Read more testimonials here.

Contact Our Lawyers For Help With All Of Your Family Law Needs

If you need a family law attorney, we welcome you to call our firm at 703-530-7022. You may also contact us online. From offices in Manassas and Fairfax, we serve clients throughout Northern Virginia.

Our work together will begin with an in-depth consultation and analysis of your unique situation and needs.