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Enforcing Court Orders Following A Divorce

Unfortunately, completing a divorce or obtaining custody and child support orders as an unmarried parent is not always a person’s final contact with the system on those issues. When someone fails to pay support, violates a custody order or disregards orders for equitable property distribution, the wronged party may need to file an enforcement or contempt action.

Targeting The Most Effective, Efficient Solution To Your Problem

In some cases, the threat of legal action is enough, and simply getting qualified legal counsel involved will stop the unlawful behavior. In many others, filing an action with the appropriate court is the only way to resolve the problem or bring meaningful consequences. At Dougherty Tobias Iszard, Northern Virginia Law, P.C., with offices in Manassas and Fairfax, we take action for people facing post-divorce problems and other forms of noncompliance with court orders.

A lawyer at our firm will take the time to understand and analyze the dynamics of your difficult situation. We have achieved favorable results in numerous jurisdictions throughout Northern Virginia by pursuing:

  • Enforcement actions that may compel your ex-spouse or a child’s parent to obey an order or face consequences that can include incarceration
  • Contempt actions, following which the court may issue a ruling that requires the opposing party to demonstrate that he or she is not violating an order or else face serious consequences

“I highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking a family law attorney. Her guidance, compassion and legal expertise were exactly what I needed during the tumultuous proceeding and I am pleased she advocated for and not against me.” — T.M. Read more testimonials here.

Nonpayment Of Support? Post-Divorce Problems With Property Distribution? Our Attorneys Are Here To Help.

The right path to resolution of your case will depend on many factors and circumstances. Some cases demand follow-up actions such as a petition for a modification of orders that has been violated in the past. Our Prince William County attorneys for enforcement of court orders will help you make the soundest possible decisions, gauge your likelihood of success and guide you through each step in the process.

To request a focused, informative consultation, call 703-530-7022, or contact us online.