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When the stakes are high in a dispute, we understand that it is especially important to get the outcome right. With the high volume of cases that Circuit Courts must process, sometimes errors of law or fact do occur. When this happens, an appeal may be in order, and an experience and skilled appellate lawyer can set your situation right.

At Family Law Group, we can help you pursue your best interests when a case is or could be appealed. We are a team of successful appellate lawyers who have taken numerous cases to appeals court, and we have even taken cases as high up as the Supreme Court. Our attorneys can advise you on what is best for your situation and take action accordingly. We handle appellate cases in areas that include divorce and family law and personal injury.

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The Appeals Process in Virginia

When your case is heard in a District Court, you have the automatic right to appeal it to the Circuit Court and, depending on the type of case, have a jury trial. This allows you to have a jury or another Judge listen to the facts of your case and potentially come to a different conclusion than the first case.

When your case is heard in a District Court, there is generally a 30-day deadline to notice an appeal from a Circuit Court judgment to the Virginia Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Virginia. An appeal to an appellate Court does not mean you will have a new trial. You must allege that the Circuit Court Judge or the jury made an error which Virginia law required that the appeals Court reverse.

The length of an appeals case depends on the complexity of the issues and the number of alleged errors made by the Circuit Court.

What Can Our Firm Do?

The appealing party has the burden of proof when appealing a case to the Virginia Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Virginia. For instance, they must show there was a mistake made at the time of the original decision. If the Circuit Court ruling went against a client, the first thing our team at Family Law Group will do is help our client assess whether they have an issue worth pursuing on appeal. We will be completely candid with our client about this, because choosing to appeal usually only makes sense if there is a realistic chance of getting a different outcome.

On the other hand, if the other party is appealing, we will make sure to defend our clients’ position vigorously.

Let an Experienced Attorney Represent You

If you are involved in an appellate case, whether you seek to pursue an appeal or have an appeal against you, our appellate lawyers in Manassas at Family Law Group can help you. We have significant appellate experience and can evaluate your situation to help you determine your best next steps in the appeals process.

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