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When your loved one passes away, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you mourning your loved one’s loss, but you must handle their assets and debts to ensure they are distributed according to your loved one’s wishes, which are typically outlined in a Will or Trust. If your loved one created a Will or Trust, it should contain instructions on handling their assets and debts when they die.

This is when estate administration kicks in. Estate administration is a process in which a decedent’s assets and debts are catalogued, valued, and distributed to heirs and beneficiaries. Again, your loved one’s Will or Trust should include instructions on who gets what and when.

But you should not handle this complex process alone, as you may only complicate an already emotional period in your life. With the help of our Manassas estate administration lawyers, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s assets and debts will be managed efficiently according to their Will, Trust and/or state law. No stone will be left unturned when you put Family Law Group on your side. Contact us at (703) 552-5072 to discuss your situation today.

Key Points to Consider in Estate Administration

Estate administration can be an overwhelming and challenging process, especially when you don’t have a lawyer. You must complete each stage of the process accurately to ensure your loved one’s assets and debts are distributed according to their estate planning documents. But before you take your next steps, you should keep the following information in mind:

  • An estate administration attorney can help you whether or not a decedent created a Will or Trust
  • A decedent’s estate consists of their assets and debts
  • Estate administration involves paying debts and distributing assets as outlined in a decedent’s Will, trust and/or state law
  • Estate administration is executed in a legal process called probate when there is a Will, or through Trust Administration when there is a Trust. In some instances, an estate will involve both.
  • If a decedent created a Will, the executor would manage the collection and distribution of the estate
  • If a decedent created a Trust, the Trustee would manage the Trust Assets and payment of debts
  • If a Will was not created, the probate court will appoint an administrator to act as a personal representative

Our Estate Administration Services

Losing a loved one is among the most difficult experiences a person can go through. For this reason, the last thing you want to experience is the estate administration process alone. An attorney can do the “heavy lifting” while you focus on spending time with family and friends during this trying time.

With this in mind, Family Law Group handles every stage of the estate administration process, upholding the best interests of your loved ones and ensuring all details are taken care of. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Filing paperwork with the Court when Probate is required
  • Collecting assets and determining debts
  • Preparing an inventory list of assets and liabilities while handling appraisals
  • Notifying creditors and companies in which the decedent owed interest
  • Liquidating assets
  • Filing state and federal income tax returns for the decedent
  • Preparing estate tax returns
  • Supplying heirs and beneficiaries with the information needed to collect asset from a decedent’s retirement accounts or life insurance policies
  • Distributing property to the heirs and beneficiaries named in the estate planning documents
  • Settling disputes

Questions? Come to us for answers. Our Manassas estate administration attorneys are your go-to advocates in life’s toughest times, and we encourage you to schedule a consultation online or at (703) 552-5072 to learn more! You are not alone.

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