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Determining how much child support you should expect to pay or receive is an essential aspect of planning for life after divorce. It is also common for material changes in circumstances to occur that justify modifications of child support — and for parents ordered to pay support not to comply, necessitating an enforcement action.

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At Family Law Group, with offices in Manassas and Fairfax, we offer clear guidance and skilled representation for clients facing Virginia child support issues, whether as one key aspect of divorce or outside of divorce. You can turn to a lawyer at our firm for dependable information on relevant laws, how they apply to your unique situation, and legal options you may have.

Child support determinations are guideline-based and generally straightforward when both parents are salaried or wage-earning workers. Primary factors considered include the number of children, each parent’s income, and the amount of time each parent will provide primary care. However, a range of unique situations may demand careful evaluation and defense of your interests in addressing deviations from the guidelines.

Just a few of these could include:

  • Significant travel expenses that a parent will incur in the course of complying with the custody and visitation agreement
  • Either parent’s contention that the other may be concealing income (often from self-employment) or is underemployed by choice and capable of earning substantially more
  • A child’s special needs, which may merit greater support and/or continuation of support beyond the age of 19 or high school graduation

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Our child support attorneys in Manassas recognize the financial strains of divorce and single parenting. We are here to offer the advice and advocacy you need to provide for your kids and protect your own interests.

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