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We Handle Custody, Visitation And Support Modifications

Most family law orders issued in Virginia, whether as part of or independent of a divorce case, are subject to modification when a material change in circumstances occurs. Events that may justify modifications of orders cover a broad spectrum, from a job loss or health crisis to one party’s remarriage or a clear, demonstrable change in children’s needs.

Experienced Attorneys For Child Support Modifications And Other Actions

If you want to petition for a modification of child support, custody, visitation or spousal support — or if you need to defend your interests against such an action — our law firm, with offices in Manassas and Fairfax, may be the ideal resource. At Family Law Group, we have extensive experience dealing effectively with modification issues.

Your lawyer will hear you out and conduct a thorough analysis of your unique situation, including potentially pivotal factors such as:

  • Whether the change in your circumstances or another party’s is likely to be viewed as sufficient for a specific jurisdiction to modify the order(s) in question
  • Whether orders now in place were established by agreement or forcible court order in a contested case
  • Whether both parents have honored existing court orders governing custody, visitation and support — or if the need for enforcement is also an issue in your case
  • Whether a proposed change in custody or visitation can be shown to have a likely, significant benefit for the child or children involved

“[Donna Dougherty] has always guided me with compassion and wisdom through very contentious post-divorce proceedings, and she has had the added challenge of doing so long distance. I highly recommend her as an attorney.” — D.V. Read more testimonials here.

Get The Focused, Constructive Legal Guidance You Need

When providing divorce representation, we are diligent in seeking custody and visitation agreements that minimize the likelihood of our clients going back to court. However, no one can anticipate the changes that will occur in subsequent years.

Whether your situation calls for a Gainesville-area child custody modification or some other action in Northern Virginia, our legal team is well-equipped to advise and represent you, beginning with an in-depth consultation to analyze your options. Contact us online, or call (703) 552-5072 to discuss your situation.

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“It's true that some things are priceless, and the guidance and good counsel you gave to me definitely qualifies.”

- Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking a family law attorney. Her guidance, compassion and legal expertise were exactly what I needed during the tumultuous proceeding and I am pleased she advocated for and not against me.”

- T.M., Parent

“Donna was straightforward about what the process would entail and accurate about her cost estimate. Should it be necessary I would also gladly use her services again!”

- K.B., Parent of Two Young Children

“She had an uncanny ability to discern my ex’s motivations and provided an extremely creative solution to our dispute. She protected my interests as if they were her own.”

- M.A., Recently Divorced

“Donna, Caitlin, Gretchen, Lisa, and Cristina supported me when I needed the support to help me accomplish what I needed to for my family.”

- Satisfied Client


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