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After several days of online reviews of local family practice law firms, I contacted Donna Dougherty’s firm for an initial consultation. I met with Donna and subsequently with her associate, Ashleigh; both were personable, thoughtful, analytical, and very focused. They contemplated the complex information that I shared. Donna provided a sobering statement of my chances of obtaining an annulment for a fraudulent marriage in the conservative commonwealth of Virginia. She knew that in the alternative, I would be granted a divorce. Because she was so candid and forthright, two characteristics that I deeply admire and respect, l retained Donna Dougherty’s services.

For the next several months, Donna and Ashleigh worked tirelessly on my case. They asked questions, conducted research, requested documents and names of potential witnesses, strategized on the best defense, and drafted documents for my case. They maintained contact and regularly updated me on the progression of the case.

When Donna argued my case, she methodically laid out the complicated issues. She was masterful in asserting supporting evidence, affidavits, and case law. I was overjoyed when the judge granted the annulment!!

I’m appreciative of the exemplary services that I received from Donna Dougherty’s firm.