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Donna is the first lawyer I have met who is tough, has a sense of humor and a huge heart. Donna helped me through a custody dispute over my two daughters. I have had the experience of having to use other family lawyers in the past and Donna is the first one I have felt truly represented myself and my children’s best interests. She is an excellent listener and she truly heard and understood my position. I had a case that on the judicial scale is probably only a “three out of 10” but it was the biggest thing I had ever done in fighting for my daughters and Donna understood and respected that. I needed to feel like my lawyer was invested in my case, and she was.

Her approach is professional yet approachable and she is willing to go to court when needed. This is something I have discovered that is not common in family law lawyers and in my case, necessary. I have also realized that it made my position stronger to be prepared to go to court and Donna is excellent at that. She knows how to ask a question that will get to the bottom line. She is always quick to respond to phone calls and was conscious of our budget, but willing to spend time explaining things as needed. Donna was straightforward about what the process would entail and accurate about her cost estimate. Should it be necessary I would also gladly use her services again!