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The most critical skill any advocate or counselor can have is the ability to listen, to understand, and to support the client. In a situation as full of emotion as a family separation or divorce, it is even more critical. Donna has this skill in abundance. Her active listening style and calm demeanor provide a comforting setting in which to make the critical decisions required in these situations. In my case, Donna established rapport, and impressed me with her skills and knowledge of the law. She allowed me to vent my frustrations without letting me ramble on — she kept me focused and on topic. She listened and supported my wishes, and brought me back on track when I was tempted to escalate in response to my ex-husband’s actions. She had an uncanny ability to discern my ex’s motivations and provided an extremely creative solution to our dispute. She protected my interests as if they were her own.

If you are angry and want to fight, Donna knows how to win. If you want to negotiate and settle, Donna will help you do that by keeping you on track and calming your anger. My spouse wanted to fight dirty, and Donna’s knowledge of law and procedure prevented him from bullying me. Her assistance during this incredibly difficult time in my life was the sole reason I reached a successful settlement, finalized my divorce and am happily getting on with my life.