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I’m in the military, and had been battling with and dealing with what was considered in my eyes as what I would also assume in society’s eyes, a “Nasty” divorce. I first reached out to Donna for help and guidance with the intent to move forward on the divorce. I then unattained Donna due to me and my wife were “being grown-ups, and working things out.” Donna highly recommended against it due to foreseeable issues later in the future.

I went against those recommendations and indeed, later down the road, I found myself right back where I was prior. It was then that I made the determination to never let myself down, or my counselor down again. One of the astonishing things about Donna and her team was that after I came back to her firm and reattained her, there was no “I told you so” or anything to that nature, it was a mere attitude of “Ok, where are we, and what do we need to do to move on;” it was almost like I never left.

In my experience with the whole divorce process, tempers flared between myself and my wife as do probably most divorcing couples, there were times where it was questionable on what exactly we were fighting over, and because of Donna, she was very quick in regards to bringing me back to reality, on the grounds of which I needed to be focusing on, which was maximizing time with my 8-year-old boy.

As stated earlier, I am in the military and through the entire process, I was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, where most of my and Donna’s relationship took place either over the phone or through email. Donna was very flexible with my work schedule. It wasn’t until the day before my divorce hearing, that I actually got to see firsthand how passionate and determined the entire firm worked together to obtain the just-rights for my case. This was essential for how comfortable I felt in that courtroom. After the hearing was over, all members of Donna’s team called Donna just to ask “How did we do? Is he ok? Is he happy?”

I would recommend Donna and her entire firm to anyone due to the care and passion that was displayed over the approximate two years that we had been working together. I would also recommend to listen to her, actually do what she tells you to do, and let her lead you. I vow that she will never let you down.

To Donna and her firm,

Thank you …. no seriously … Thank you.